Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Organizing my craft room

I've been organizing my craft room and I'm actually doing it the right way this time.  Most times it seems I just move things from one side to the other.  Well this time, I'm organizing, giving away stuff that others can use, and throwing away stuff just lying around.  For instance I read on line.  When you get home take things out of the packages right away and recycle your bags. Wow!!!  Was that ever an eye opening experience :)  There were tons of bags in there with stuff still in them...  I knew I had purchased things but couldn't find them........... I guess this was the reason.... who'd have thought :) Ohhhhh and receipts...I threw away more receipts.  What am I saving them for they are scrapbook supplies.....it's not like I'll return them or ever want to actually see how much I spent again. :)   I was just talking to Ashley  and she was telling me that receipts are covered in BP powder.  You know the bad plastic we are trying to get and stay away from.  Gosh, I had no idea.  If you want to read more about this you can go to the blog called Young house love and read about it.  It's a very cool blog with lots of ideas for your house and it's a journey to see what this young couple have done with their first home.  Wow!  They are clever.   Sorry for the side bar....

Back to my craft room.  Hubs and I went to Ikea the other day and boy did I score!  I got a $35 dollar table for $19 for my craft room.  I was so excited!  It was exactly what I was looking for and then I got some other little goodies to help me organize and stuff.   So I'm going to post some pictures because I was doing such a happy dance and was so thrilled with how my room is coming along.  Look at this cool little swing out drawer thingy that attaches to the leg.  Those Swedes are so very clever!  I just love Ikea!
 I will take more pictures when I am completely finished...there is still stuff in baskets and on the floor that needs to be sorted but it's all coming together.  I love it....  Okay that's all for now.  This is what I have been up to lately.  Thanks for taking a look